Productivity Audits

At APC we are experts in Productivity Audits

A productivity audit from Australian Productivity Council is a great way to assess the productivity performance of your business and troubleshoot any lack of efficiency in an organisation. The service is competitively priced and often achieves substantial payback for a very low investment.

Productivity Health Check

Our consultants can perform a health check on your business. They will be looking for opportunities for improvement, based on their wealth of experience, and they will be comparing your business’s productivity metrics against other similar organisations to let you know how you stack up.

Assisting Management to Solve Problems

Sometimes management may be aware of a productivity problem but unaware of how to fix it. When new management has come on board, our service can be particularly helpful in quickly identifying areas for improvement. It can be difficult for management to get independent advice on productivity performance from people within an organisation, who have their own interests at stake, so an independent expert analysis can be particularly enlightening.

Get Support from Stakeholders

An expert productivity audit can also act as a circuit breaker, assisting management to gain support for productivity improvement initiatives from employees and other stakeholders by providing measures and hard evidence of areas of poor performance.

ISO 14001 systems are also valuable for a variety of other reasons, from the more existential like saving the planet, to the more immediate like meeting eligibility criteria for certain tenders or gaining a marketing benefit.

Where and when you need us

APC specialists can promptly arrange a consultation to discuss your needs and draw up a time-frame and cost estimate for the audit. In a typical project our consultants visit your organisation and investigate and observe your operations before preparing an assessment report.

The Expertise you need

The APC has vast experience in improving productivity, dating back to our earliest days as an industry self-help movement and as a national productivity research and assistance body. With a large pool of practitioners, we have access to wide experience across all major industries in the Australian economy.

Excellent Value Service Delivery

The APC offers very competitive rates compared to other consultancies, and compared to the cost of in-sourcing. Our audit programs are an extremely cost-effective way to find savings in your business, designed to give significant and direct gains to the bottom line within a short time.