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Process Improvement

At the Australian Productivity Council we are experts in Process Improvement. We offer process improvement services based on proven and well-established techniques; work study, standards setting, workflow and methods analysis, industrial and production engineering work. Our services are warranted and quality-assured. For more than sixty years our organisation has been assisting thousands of businesses in Australia and abroad to achieve more efficient operations.

Improve Processes, Improve Profit

As a starting point, we analyse a firm’s pattern of resource use under each of the following headings:

  • Product; resources – labour, energy, material, etc.- that are identifiable in the saleable outputs of the business.

  • Process; resources expended in operating the facilities needed for realisation of the firm’s products and services.

  • Presentation; resources used in structures needed to complete customer transactions – sales, storage, distribution, etc.

  • Profit; what is left over – the monetary value of the residual and its ratio to expenditures.

Be Competitive

Our approach starts from the proposition that product competitiveness and profit optimisation are of the utmost importance to the owners of a business. A competitive product offering is essential because customers trade with a business on the strength of the goods and services it offers. Profit optimisation is essential because rational business owners must obtain a competitive return on their capital investment to preserve the economic viability of the firm over time.


The second and third headings generally provide the most fruitful opportunities for productivity gains. This is because the operation of the process and presentation functions are of paramount importance to the business, even though the incentives to maximise efficiency in these parts of the organisation are generally the weakest. The “right-sizing” of these functions is the key to a healthy, smooth functioning and economically sustainable business. The APC provides insightful and independent expertise to help business owners assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the firm’s resource conversion structures on a flexible and affordable basis.

Where and when you need us

The APC’s process improvement specialists can promptly arrange a consultation to discuss your needs. In a typical project our consultants visit your organisation and investigate and observe your operations, before preparing an assessment report.

The Expertise you need

The APC has vast experience in improving productivity, dating back to our earliest days as an industry self-help movement and as a national productivity research and assistance body. With a large pool of practitioners, we have access to wide experience across all major industries in the Australian economy.

Excellent Value Service Delivery

The APC offers very competitive rates compared to other consultancies, and compared to the cost of in-sourcing. Our process improvement programs are an extremely cost-effective way to find savings in your business and are designed to give significant and direct gains to the bottom line within a short time-frame.

Our consultants assist with can assist with improving your processes. Streamlining your operations in this way can make substantial and measurable improvements to your business’ bottom line.