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Legal Services

The Australian Productivity Council has identified legal services as a key area of lost productivity in Australia.
The pricing structure for conventional law firms is hard to fathom compared to any other consultancy business. We aim to provide a useful option for businesses to access commonly required legal services at a reasonable price.

Legal Advice that Delivers Actual Value: 

Because of the prohibitive cost, smaller businesses often proceed with new projects or enter new agreements without proper legal advice, leading to potential problems down the track. In other cases, where a company has a legal dispute, that dispute is made much more damaging by the significant legal costs. The Australian Productivity Council offers a useful and economical legal service, the main purpose of which is to help avoid legal trouble and minimise the cost of legal disputes when they do occur.

Commercial Legal Advice

General commercial legal advice is priceless when it helps you to avoid trouble down the track. Larger companies typically look after themselves with in-house legal teams, but for smaller companies which are forced to use the services of external law firms, the cost of obtaining this advice from time to time is prohibitive. Our practitioners can give you the advice you need, on a flexible basis, at a reasonable price.

Contract Drafting and Review

Proper contracting is the basis of any commercial arrangement, and key to doing business in Australia. Too often companies get themselves into trouble by entering contracts without proper legal advice. Our solicitors can advise on commercial contracts, employment contracts, and other common business agreements.

Regulatory Compliance

The relentless increase in the number of laws and regulations that intrude on the conduct of business operations, often attended by a censorious culture of blame and punishment, poses a real and present danger to business organisations. With our background in productivity and compliance, we can help you protect yourself without breaking the bank in the process.

Legal advice needs to be affordable to be useful. Businesses are often forced to forge ahead without the legal help they need because of commercial constraints. We aim to make it more affordable to get the day to day legal advice businesses need.