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Design for Productivity

The APC has the expertise to help with Design for Productivity. APC specialists can assist you to optimise new product designs, or re-design existing products, to enhance value and lift quality, while cutting production costs through part count and labour content reduction and process simplification. Our services are warranted and quality-assured. For more than sixty years our organisation has been assisting thousands of businesses in Australia and abroad to achieve more efficient operations.

Stay Competitive

Manufacturers in high-cost locations like Australia face difficult challenges competing with low cost competitors. One important way to stay competitive is Design for Productivity, a product design approach applying market study, value analysis, industrial design, input substitution, product simplification and part count reduction in a rigorous, innovative and systematic way to dramatically improve the relationship between production cost and sale price.

Cut Embedded Labour

The APC has achieved extraordinary results through the application of these methods – in some cases part counts have been reduced by 70% and embedded labour by 80%, expensive production facilities simplified and complex fixtures and assembly equipment eliminated. Reducing input costs while enhancing product quality and appeal is the most effective way to improve competitiveness.

Better Products, Lower Production Costs

The objective of the Design for Productivity process is to achieve a superior product, in aesthetic and technical terms, to improve market performance, while simultaneously reducing the resources needed to produce them. Productivity in the manufacture and design of products is often overlooked by other product designers. Many Australian manufacturers can benefit from this approach.

Where and when you need us

The APC’s Design for Productivity specialists can promptly arrange a consultation to discuss your needs. Whether you want some simple and quick training or guidance to assist your existing design team, or you wish to completely outsource the project to us, the APC is ready and able to help.

The Expertise you need

The APC has vast experience in improving productivity, dating back to its earliest days as an industry self-help movement and as a national productivity research and assistance body. With a large pool of practitioners, the APC has access to wide experience across all major industries in the Australian economy.

Excellent Value Service Delivery

The APC’s charge-out rates are extremely competitive compared to other consultancies and to the cost of in-sourcing. Its design services are a cost-effective way to find savings in your business; a way to provide significant and direct gains to the bottom line within a short time.

Designing products and redesigning them from a perspective of productivity improvement offers potentially very substantial efficiency gains for your business. It is a perspective that many product designers don’t give adequate attention.