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Compliance Management

Compliance management systems ensure that an organisation meets regulatory or standards-based requirements

These requirements are usually set down in rules, guidelines or regulations, either from a government, or another body such as the International Standards Organisation. Whatever the source of the requirements, some form of compliance management system is usually necessary to ensure that your organisation complies.

Compliance with certain standards may be legally required in your industry, or may be necessary to obtain certification from an external body – the most common example being certification to ISO standards. The APC can set up your compliance systems for you and manage them on an ongoing basis. Our organisation dates back to the 1950s and has an unmatched wealth of experience in managing systems.

With us you will get professionally designed and maintained systems for a fraction of the cost of employing an internal compliance management specialist. Generally our projects start with a free, no obligation needs assessment and quotation. Importantly we offer the same competitive rates regardless of the size of your business. Call us to arrange a free consultation.

Quality ISO 9001

There are many ongoing documentation requirements as part of managing an ISO 9001 system. It is a living system not a static document. ISO 9001 systems are audited annually by a certifying body to maintain the certification, and to pass these audits you need the right documentation to evidence that your system has been working correctly. Our ISO 9001 consultants take care of this for you, so you can focus on the job at hand.


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Health and Safety ISO 45001

Health and Safety management systems are critical for firms to meet their workplace safety targets. These targets may be as a result of regulatory requirements, or as a result of internal governance measures aimed at reducing incidence of injury. Obtaining an ISO certified system acts as a powerful management tool to reach these targets, and signifies to customers that your organisation is appropriately managing its workplace safety and injury risks.


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Environmental ISO 14001

Our ISO 14001 consultants build systems which are valuable for a variety of reasons, from the more existential like saving the planet, to the more immediate like meeting eligibility criteria for tenders or gaining a marketing edge in attracting environmentally conscious customers. Reducing environmental impact through a management system also often goes hand in hand with waste reduction, leading to direct cost savings.


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Compliance systems are valuable tools for business, putting in place processes and procedures necessary to consistently obtain a desired result such as improving quality, reducing environmental impact or improving workplace safety. Externally audited ISO systems signal your compliance to your stakeholders.